At FGC, we believe that a key part of our overall mission as a local assembly, is to reach out to the world around us, 

both locally and abroad. 

We continue to partner with several organizations on an annual basis, from local organizations making an impact in our city and the Maritime region, to partners around the world, doing our part to further the impact of the Gospel wherever we can. 

Through most of the year, our regular monthly missions donations are collected, and then shared between our three main overseas partners - Servant's Heart Ministries, For Child's Hope Canada & Destiny Church.

In January, we always do a huge, month-long campaign to raise funds, food & other supplies for Teen Challenge Atlantic, 

one of our local missions partners.   

Locally, we provide regular support through donated items and food to the He Will Never Forsake You mission, a mission to the homeless of our city which is organized and run by a lady in our church family, Alicia Jordan.

We also support Samaritan's Purse through Operation Christmas Child and Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission 

during the Christmas season.

Global Missions Partners

Servant's Heart Ministries

Dominican Republic

Phil and Donna Williams, originally from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, went on their first missions trip in March 2005.  The experience was so life changing, that they felt God calling them to the mission field.  Six months later, they packed up and moved to Sosua in the Dominican Republic to be Jesus’ hands and feet.  Servant’s Heart Ministries’ primary purpose is to aid and strengthen the spiritual and physical lives of the people in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  They do this by coming along side of local pastors and evangelists to aid them in whatever ways they can.  They also run a school and two mobile medical clinics.  Servant’s Heart is always looking for God’s direction to be His hands and feet through other practical ways like construction projects and other community improving efforts.

Each month, money is also raised to fund the sponsorship of children in the Hugs for Kids program, through the "Lady with the Apron" in the main foyer.

To see their latest video newsletter, CLICK HERE

Website:  servantsheartdr.org

Dollar A Day In May

Servant's Heart Ministries

The infant mortality rate in the Dominican Republic is one of the highest in Latin America.  Moms are poorly equipped to care for their babies and themselves. Superstition and misinformation leads to sickness and sometimes the death of their babies. With YOUR help, moms learn the vital skills to keep their babies healthy and thriving!

For more information on the centre, please visit their website, servantsheartdr.org/danicasdream

How can we help?  

This May, Servant’s Heart Ministries, our missions partners in the Dominican Republic, are raising support for Danica’s Dream through the Dollar A Day In May campaign.  For just $31, you can help change the life of a mom and her child.

You can donate directly to Servant’s Heart via their website (simply CLICK HERE), or through FGC (simply mark the donation Servant’s Heart).

For Child's Hope Canada


For Child’s Hope Canada is based here in Halifax, with the mission to help children in Kenya, and was founded by FGC’s own Sam Kiragu.

For Child’s Hope Canada was founded to care for children from the needy families in Kenya who are unable to proceed to high school for lack of school fees.

Most children who perform exceptionally well in their primary school education are unlikely to proceed to high school due to the financial difficulties families face. As a result, these vulnerable children fail to join high school upon admission, losing their spot to children from more financially privileged families. 

These children are left with only one option – to forget about school and join child labor that pays very little, an amount that hardly cares for their basic needs. Their dreams are crushed.

Children from the needy families have big dreams. For Child’s Hope Canada endeavours to provide hope and a unique opportunity to these children to pursue their dreams.  This is done through sponsorship of the children’s education. For Child’s Hope Canada believes education is power, and that it can be harnessed to break the chains of poverty among disadvantaged families.

Website:  childshopecanada.ca

Destiny City Church


Before coming to Christ. Pastor Rey was hiding from the communist government, when he was found by a little old lady.  She said “I know who you are and I know what you’re doing.  I won’t tell on you on 1 condition … you read this.” and she handed him a Bible.  Not long after, he got saved, went to Bible school, and in 1976 started pastoring his first church. 

Rey & his wife, Zeny, are the lead pastors of Destiny City Church in Roxas, Philippines.  The church was formerly known as First Assembly Roxas Missions, but in 2016 changed their name to reflect the growing reach their ministry has had.

First Assembly Roxas Missions, Inc. as an incorporated body, in its beginning years have been focused on the building and developing its ministries as a local church in Roxas City. But in time, the ministry of F.A.R.M. has grown to include an early childhood school, and a training school for pastors and missionaries with a nationwide church planting program.  The Berean School of Ministry has planted over 1,000 churches throughout the Philippines in the last 2.5 - 3 years.  2022 saw 44 students enrolled.

Pastor Rey is also the District Superintendent for the AOG Philippines.

Websites:  Destiny City Church

                  Berean School of Ministry

Local Missions Partners

Teen Challenge

Atlantic Canada

Helping people overcome addiction everyday.

Teen Challenge is a 12-month, faith-based, residential alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation program.  With a men's centre in New Brunswick, and a women's centre in Newfoundland, they help those aged 18+ to overcome addictions by developing the whole person within the context of a residential facility. Students learn character and leadership development skills, health and life skills, and have the opportunity to acquire some vocational training.

This program also provides opportunities for students to learn planning and decision-making skills and to learn to contribute to Teen Challenge and the community.

For more information, or to get help, visit:

Men's Centre: www.tcatlantic.ca

Women's Centre:  www.teenchallenge.ca