Full Blast

Full Blast is our Sunday morning Children’s Program.  Children get to experience worship with the whole church family at the beginning of the service in the main sanctuary, then are dismissed to meet their leaders in the main foyer.  

From there, our program runs a 2 week alternate schedule.  Week one is a main session style, where the kids all stay together in the Fellowship Hall, where they have their own time of worship, relevant Bible lessons, games and fun! 


During week two, the main session is kept to worship and the Bible lesson, and the children are dismissed to their Break[OUT] groups, divided by grades, where they have small group time.  Here they interact through object lessons, build relationships, and take the morning’s lesson and discuss how to live that out on an age appropriate level.

Our program includes Bible lessons, scripture memorization, and developing talents such as worship, singing, dance, drama, sign language, media tech and public speaking. We foster learning through a variety of fun and engaging activities.

For more information please contact Pastor Michelle at michelle@fgchalifax.ca 


Kidsplosion is our Wednesday evening program where kids, pre-school to grade 6, come for an evening of fun & excitement as we learn some amazing things about God and howe much He loves us.  

This is a night of fun, games and crafts, as well as a lesson time, with a little more relaxed atmosphere.  This is a great opportunity for the kids to invite their friends who may be more hesitant to come to church on Sunday morning.

Our program runs from 6:30 - 7:30pm.

For more information please contact Pastor Michelle at michelle@fgchalifax.ca.  


During the summer (June through August), instead of our regular weekly programs, we have Kidsplosion Extreme every second week.  This is an opportunity for us to have some extra fun doing crazy activities we don’t usually do throughout the year, and in the process, spend more concentrated time building relationships with the children.

For more information please contact Pastor Michelle at michelle@fgchalifax.ca