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Covid- 19 protocols in place. See our current schedule of upcoming livestream events below.


Please check below to see if the item you'd like to sponsor is still available. 

General donation to the cause (Item# 27) is also an option!

Item# Item or Project Cost Sponsored
1 Platform Table $100.00 Sponsored! 
2 Platform Chair $40.00Sponsored!
3 Road Sign – FGC Online Insert x2 $210.00Sponsored! 
4Designated Laptop for Streaming$1,200.00Sponsored! 
5 UM2 Audio Interface $70.00  
6 HDMI Adapter 1 (RCA to HDMI) $40.00  
7 HDMI Adapter 2 (USB to HDMI) $70.00  
8 Ethernet Adapter $35.00
9USB Hub- Sponsored!            $20.00
10 HDMI Cable (50 ft) $50.00 Sponsored! 
11Audio Cable- Sponsored!            $40.00
12 Headphones (over ear) $70.00 Sponsored! 
13 Phone holder for recording $70.00 Sponsored! 
14 ZOOM Mic $35.00  
15 ZOOM Laptop Adapter (Pwr /HDMI / Mic Input) $25.00  
16 Streaming Software Program $350.00  
17 Video Capture Device (A10 Mini) $530.00 Sponsored!
18 CCLI Streaming Licence $90.00


19 Lighting Upgrades in Sanctuary $1,500.00

20Platform TV (LG 65" 4K)$1,000.00Sponsored!
21 Platform TV stand and hardware $200.00 Sponsored! 
22 Grief Share Program and Material for new Ministry $1,000.00  
23 Closets (in sanctuary for storage- chairs,risers, etc) $1,200.00  
24 Cabinets (in balcony, for storage of A/V gear) $400.00  
25 ZOOM Accounts ( 2 x Basic Host Accounts/yr) $440.00  
26 ProPresenter Software Program $560.00  
27 New Season General Donation (note any amount)   ?  
    $9,345.00 Total

Weekly Schedule

May 24, 2020

Each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM AST: Sunday Worship (livestream). Pastor Russell Knowles will

minister from the Word, with a short worship service and church family updates

Each Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 AM AST:-Take5 Devotional (livestream) with

Pastor Russell or Pastor Shaun or Pastor Michelle with a brief message of encouragement for these challenging days

Note: Our Annual Business Meeting will be re-scheduled once larger in-person meetings are a possibility.